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Preview: Campaign Table Top (beta access)

I am happy to announce public beta access to our own VTT - free for Campaign Logger users:

CTT - Campaign Table Top
An easy to use Virtual Table Top Game


The idea of this VTT is to have something simple, easy to use, always online to have fun at every game. Just upload your maps, add tokens, draw fog of war, and get started! There are plenty of VTTs out there that provide a bunch of features like voice chat, dynamic lightning, animated maps, character sheets, etc. We do not want to replicate those. We aim for simplicity to get you started fast.

This is a work in progress, and we are currently modifying the token management for a more intuitive approach. If this is app gets adopted by our users, we will expand it to integrate with Campaign Logger and Generators in the future. (The dice roller is already there, try "/r 3d6" in the chat - without the quotes).

Let us know what you think!


Looks nice so far, and feels nice and snappy. Feels a bit lacking in features right now, but I guess this is early development and more features will arrive soon. Token management was weird, putting multiple copies of the same monster felt really unintuitive and cumbersome right now.
excited to try this out!

I've been in it for maybe 5 minutes, so there might already be ways to address these issues/questions, but I didn't see them immediately.

  • when i try to draw fog, it just selects the map and moves the map around... (EDIT: found this answer.)
  • unsure of how to place tokens/make them available.
  • will my players need to pay for campaign logger as well, or just sign up for campaign-community?
Y'all are doing awesome stuff!
unsure of how to place tokens/make them available.
@holgerschillack is working on this right now. Currently, it is "complicated" - you need to upload the tokens and then assign them to boards. On a board you click on a token and then click on the map to place it. As this is less than intuitive we will change it. Maybe Holger can give us some insights on how it will work in the future.

will my players need to pay for campaign logger as well, or just sign up for campaign-community?
No, players just need a CID account. They don't even need to join the Community.
Excited for the possibilities here, but also feel the awkwardness with the tokens.
As our games are primarily Theatre of the Mind, a simple map showing will greatly ease play, so please keep at it. I'm loathe to pay for lots of quirky upgrades that won't have much punch or use after the first exposure.
The chat seems to be picking up an email address, which can't be edited in my profile. The nickname is being ignored. How do I change what is shown as my chat name?
Update Time!
  • CTT now sports a reworked token manager that is a lot easier to understand and handle (supporting drag'n'drop throughout)
  • Tokens can be tagged in the library and thereby easily filtered
  • Tokens "mounted" on a board can have a display title for easy recognition

I just started playing with it and like the FOW functionality. I am getting ready to upload tokens and see how they work with scalability of the grid. I'll let you know. Cheers!
Is there a guide for die rolls in general? Like /r 1d20 + 2? (i got the cheat sheet - it works fine).
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Ooh, this looks interesting. I've been using Roll20, which has a lot more features, but I don't use most of them.

I see you can resize the grid and token size, though I haven't played around with it much yet. Is there a way to have tokens be bigger or smaller than one grid square/hex (like tiny creatures or huge creatures)?