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Prep-Time to Play-Time Ratio

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I wonder what your usual ratio of Prep-Time to Play-Time is.

Mine had been 2:1 more than a decade ago.
Using my homemade techniques I got down to 1:1.
Using templates, Loopy Planning, and Campaign Logger, I am down to 1:2 now.

I find that my campaigns are getting better the more I play instead of prep - if I at least prep something flexible.
No prep at all is still worse than 1:1.

So, what is your Prep-Time to Play-Time Ratio?

Campaign Logger vNext

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The next version of Campaign Logger is nearing production!

For that reason, I restructured the URLs:

is now available as​
is now available as​
will (soon) be available as​

Borderland - Dancing Cauldron (Holt-Lindeck)

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This is the in-game/in-character thread for our Grenzland/Borderland Game.
You can access it as a stream and download a copy for your use in CL vNext: https://logger-stream.campaign-logger.com/?rss=57882514bba248b69b91271c059e3a88&mode=next

The corresponding LFP thread is Grenzland (Borderland) - An Open Table West Marches-style Game.

If you like, take your time and introduce your character to the other adventurers.

Consider this the taproom of the Dancing Cauldron - the inn where player characters usually stay and gather when in town.


In the back of the room fixed to the stairs leading up and just beyond the biggest table, there is a big wooden message board.


Preview: Campaign Table Top (beta access)

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I am happy to announce public beta access to our own VTT - free for Campaign Logger users:

CTT - Campaign Table Top
An easy to use Virtual Table Top Game


The idea of this VTT is to have something simple, easy to use, always online to have fun at every game. Just upload your maps, add tokens, draw fog of war, and get started! There are plenty of VTTs out there that provide a bunch of features like voice chat, dynamic lightning, animated maps, character sheets, etc. We do not want to replicate those. We aim for simplicity to get you started fast.

This is a work in progress, and we are currently modifying the token management for a more intuitive approach. If this is app gets adopted by our users, we will expand it to integrate with Campaign Logger and Generators in the future. (The dice roller is already there, try...