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How to Register

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1. Navigate to the forums (https://campaign-community.com)
2. Click Register and then Campaign ID

3. This will take you to our new SSO server (https://campaign-identity.com) - Enter your Campaign Logger Credentials (e-mail address and CL password) in the login form

4. You will be asked to grant Campaign Community access to your name and e-mail address - Please Allow this

5. Upon allowing access, you will be taken back to the community site where you need to Choose a Username and Accept the Terms and Privacy Policy

That's it - you are done!

Prepping The Demonplague

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Winter's coming - time to game!

I want to give The Demonplague a bit of limelight.

But I am torn between converting it to Pathfinder 1, Pathfinder 2, or Old School Essentials.

So, I decided to ask you what conversion you want to see and which play reports you want to read.


Campaign Logger

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As of today (Saturday, June 4, 2022, 7 am UTC), all your Legacy CL Logs have been automatically converted and copied to CL vNext.

You will find them under "Campaigns": "Automated Log Import" (your number of logs will vary, though):

There will be no future automated log imports.

In case you don't see your converted logs, please try "Clear Cache and Reload All":

You can continue to use the old Campaign Logger for a while, but we strongly recommend making the switch now.

These are the future steps we will take concerning the old Logger:
  • Keep it running for a few more weeks in read/write mode
  • Switch it to read-only mode
  • Keep it running for some months in read-only mode
  • Switch Legacy CL off
Please post them here or create a...

Campaign Profiles

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We are happy to announce that Campaign Profiles are now available: https://profiles.campaign-identity.com/

Here you will find a list of all the resources you can currently access.
Resources are grouped into categories and can be checked off once you have accessed them so that you know anytime what you already saw/read/watched.

As the name suggests, we have plans for it.
Stay tuned.

Johnn and Jochen

Campaign Logger: Migrating to the Newest Version

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Dear Loggers!

We have been working for several years to modernize and enhance Campaign Logger. The current version you all know (https://campaign-logger.com/) already hints and links to the new version: https://app.campaign-logger.com/.

Soon the current version will move to a new URL (where you can still access and use it), and the latest version will take its place. Sometimes next year, this old version will then go to read-only mode.

We started an auto-conversion program to ease your transition and copied and transformed your logs to the new version. As long as we improve the conversion, we will upload the auto-imported logs to our preview stage of the app: https://preview.app.campaign-logger.com/.

The preview stage is used for quality assurance and to try out the newest features before being promoted to production.

To summarize:

Prep-Time to Play-Time Ratio

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I wonder what your usual ratio of Prep-Time to Play-Time is.

Mine had been 2:1 more than a decade ago.
Using my homemade techniques I got down to 1:1.
Using templates, Loopy Planning, and Campaign Logger, I am down to 1:2 now.

I find that my campaigns are getting better the more I play instead of prep - if I at least prep something flexible.
No prep at all is still worse than 1:1.

So, what is your Prep-Time to Play-Time Ratio?

Campaign Logger vNext

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The next version of Campaign Logger is nearing production!

For that reason, I restructured the URLs:

is now available as​
is now available as​
will (soon) be available as​

Preview: Campaign Table Top (beta access)

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I am happy to announce public beta access to our own VTT - free for Campaign Logger users:

CTT - Campaign Table Top
An easy to use Virtual Table Top Game


The idea of this VTT is to have something simple, easy to use, always online to have fun at every game. Just upload your maps, add tokens, draw fog of war, and get started! There are plenty of VTTs out there that provide a bunch of features like voice chat, dynamic lightning, animated maps, character sheets, etc. We do not want to replicate those. We aim for simplicity to get you started fast.

This is a work in progress, and we are currently modifying the token management for a more intuitive approach. If this is app gets adopted by our users, we will expand it to integrate with Campaign Logger and Generators in the future. (The dice roller is already there, try...