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Voice & Roleplay Tips


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Got this great tip from RPT GM Rob Adams:

Just a quick comment about differentiating characters -- "voice" isn't simply vocal modulation and accents.

For instance, a proper noble might enunciate his words a little more clearly, use language that suggests a subconscious superiority complex, and eschew the use of contractions. And, y'know, use words like "eschew."

Conversely, a low commoner would use more contractions, sometimes creatively (not just "ain't" and "y'know," but "f'the love o'Pete."). They may slur their speech together more and speak more quickly. And their attitude may convey a sense of reverence or resentment, depending on who they are and who they're addressing.

These are the sort of thing that writers use to convey the voice of their characters, and can be used at the table without the need for extreme voice-acting.

Thanks for these tips, Johnn! I always look forward to your emails.