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What VTT Do You Use?

What VTT Do You Primarily Use?

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Wizard of Combat
We use Roll20, but I just discover Owlbear Rodeo and I am questionning myself to make the switch. Do anybody have any advice on the subject ?


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Foundry is where it is at! Most major games have a dedicated group assisting with backend automation and character sheets. There are so many good tutorials out there and the mods just make the game that much better. I have run both DnD 5e and the Cypher system. Both games have worked really well in this medium.


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As a lifelong 'IT guy' the last thing I want to do is more IT work so I can run a game.
I find online play difficult and much less fun.
Exactly how I feel about the VTT online stuff - so much work and so little feel of playing a tabletop game.
I feel more like a TV show runner or producer or the multimedia newsroom switchboard operator than a DM or even player.
I don't know how folks do it and my attempts to VTT all felt like disastrous slogs.
You're definitely not alone and preferring face to face to VTT.
But in a choice between that and no gaming at all - I am doing my best to adapt (and thus far floundering pretty badly).
So, I keep on trying ... my next attempts will be purely based on Campaign Logger and Campaign Table Top to give these tool a serious workout.


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I've been sharing an Affinity Designer file via Zoom, but I'm thinking of moving my 5e games over to Roll20 to consolidate windows/apps and (ideally) make prep a little easier. I hate the UI, but it has worked well for a few non-D&D games, and my players are all familiar with it.