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  1. P

    [vNext][Log entry] Title field

    Hi all, I cannot figure out the purpose of the Title field in a log entry since it looks like that no tag works there neither you can search words... Someone could shed some light on it please? Thank you in advance for your kind help Happy logging!
  2. MarkD

    Completion is adding unnecessary "quotes"

    Hi! Brand new user. I noticed that when I do a completion (say, @CharacterName) which has no spaces or anything funky with it, if I use completion, it comes through as @"CharacterName". Is there a way to suppress the quotes (short of typing the whole name or going back and editing them out)...
  3. L

    Tracking Time

    The marketing blurb states: "Also use this cool feature to effortlessly track how much time passes during sessions - even down to the round count." I'm hoping you're referring to game time rather than real time, since I don't really need tracking of real time. If so, how do you do this? I've...
  4. Frost Birch

    Question: Is there a limit to number of entries in a log?

    I know there is a size limit for a log post but is there a limit to the number of posts within a campaign log? I just finished my first game using Campaign Logger and a three hour session produced over 128 log entries and I wasn't even logging at full potential. If I average 126 entries per...
  5. S

    Logger plus Wiki plus docs? What do you use?

    Hi all I'm interested to know how Logger fits into your GM 'workflow' for you all... Me, I was drawn to Logger because I try to keep detailed session notes during play. Previously I've done this by hand in A4 notebooks, scribbling down what the characters get up to, noteworthy speeches, and...
  6. S

    Organizing Logs in Campaign Logger vNext

    I mentioned this is a totally different (non-beta-related) thread, but... I dislike the way literally everything is just called a "log" with no way to differentiate between levels when talking about them. It makes it tough to communicate what we're talking about here, AND makes it hard to...
  7. JohnnFour

    Google Drive — Embedding Images from Google Drive

    Yes, it's possible. But Google turns it into a few steps for us. This article explains the process: https://confluence.biola.edu/display/itservices/How+to+Embed+Images+from+Google+Drive+in+a+Web+Page And this image from my Google Drive works for me...
  8. G

    Export Campaign Log Complete w/ Loopy Planning

    Can someone (Johnn or otherwise) export a well organized log, with primary data, loopy planning, etc. While the tool makes it easy to make your own organizational system, I'd like to just copy what someone else is doing already.
  9. JohnnFour

    Dropbox - Embedding Images From Dropbox

    CL user René M asked me how to get images to work from his Dropbox account. Here's how: Step 1. Copy the Dropbox Link Right click or use your normal method to get a link for your image you want to "share." https://www.dropbox.com/s/azcxrvjk2z7mtyp/RPT-Logo-111x111.png?dl=0 Step 2. Change the...
  10. G

    History, Master, Plan (Feature)

    Categorize any type of entry by whether it is History, Master, Plan (Feature). Master data describes static information about the tags therein. Plan is something that could happen Plans can be exacted or discarded, and if enacted linked to a history entry (the default of what people did)
  11. G

    Loopy Planning Support (Feature)

    Track links between entries, and categorize those links. For example the "NPC Response" to an entry describing what the players did.
  12. TheRoeler

    Combat log in Campaign Logger

    Does anyone use Campaign Logger to log actual combat rounds. I tried it once and it is quite a lot to keep track of but it was fun to look over the combat later on and see how it developed blow by blow. An example of this would be: @PC attacks @Enemy1 with his sword for 12 points of damage...
  13. TheRoeler

    Advice on how to start logging

    I've had access to Campaign Logger from the start and have tried to implement it into my game sessions several times but the chaos in my GM head during a session always made me forgot to take notes. I am now trying once more and now I want to succeed. I tried to find some advice / resources but...
  14. C

    Primary articles?

    I'm guessing theres already a good way to do this, but I haven't found it yet. Is there a good way to create primary articles for subjects, like for storing a character's stats, backstory, and the like? I'd want a good way to find it quickly for a given character or location, like if i could...