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  1. jrrnewton

    Passing variables in generators

    In looking for answers to this, I searched the site, and found the following post: Helpful to have those links, but they were not really helpful in writing generators (many gaps, etc). I'm trying to understand how to pass a variable back up to a calling generator. I've read through the...
  2. ELF

    Generator Guide 2020-07-06

    This document explains how to create random generators for Campaign Logger using JSON files.
  3. ELF

    RPG Courses & Training

    A guy called Red Trolls Gaming has set up a Teachable video course about writing RPG adventures: https://redtrolls.teachable.com/p/writing_dnd_adventures_alt2 He also has a short, free course about creating an online random generator using an existing randomization service...
  4. JohnnFour

    Google Drive — Embedding Images from Google Drive

    Yes, it's possible. But Google turns it into a few steps for us. This article explains the process: https://confluence.biola.edu/display/itservices/How+to+Embed+Images+from+Google+Drive+in+a+Web+Page And this image from my Google Drive works for me...
  5. JohnnFour

    What features do you use on these forums?

    Until @ELF pointed out the What's New menu item, I did not use it much. Now I have that as my entry point when coming here. I'm looking to make some short forum videos that demonstrate various features to help new folks get more value here. What features should I document for new Campaign...
  6. Hannu

    How to avoid duplicates in two or more entries

    I have two generators FormationFighting that has entries like Line, Square, Wedge etc Another one named Shieldwall: Line, Square, Circle I have a unit that has both of these FormationFighting and Shieldwall - I would like to avoid duplicates in the result. So no matter what wedge should not...
  7. JohnnFour

    My Campaign Control Entry

    Here's how I've been organizing my Murder Hobos campaign. The Campaigning update will get us a Root Node feature where one entry per tag gets extra character counts and treatment as the official overview entry. Until that release, I've been tagging all such entries in the footer as §Root...
  8. ELF


    A good-looking collection of templates and tutorials about using OneNote for game mastering: http://www.cryrid.com/digitaldnd/ Something like this might not be a bad for CL either?
  9. Hannu

    Hierarchy of generators

    How would one go about doing something like following. You have town event generator. You would like to generalise that for multiple towns but for each their own subtables. For example In generic town event generator - common stuff - localCharacterListKindX -- randomMerchantX1 --...
  10. JohnnFour

    Dropbox - Embedding Images From Dropbox

    CL user René M asked me how to get images to work from his Dropbox account. Here's how: Step 1. Copy the Dropbox Link Right click or use your normal method to get a link for your image you want to "share." https://www.dropbox.com/s/azcxrvjk2z7mtyp/RPT-Logo-111x111.png?dl=0 Step 2. Change the...
  11. TheRoeler

    Advice on how to start logging

    I've had access to Campaign Logger from the start and have tried to implement it into my game sessions several times but the chaos in my GM head during a session always made me forgot to take notes. I am now trying once more and now I want to succeed. I tried to find some advice / resources but...
  12. JohnnFour

    Looking for a great open source short fantasy adventure

    I am thinking of porting over a short adventure over to Campaign Logger as a demo file for the app for new users. Do you know of any short fantasy open source adventures out there?
  13. JohnnFour

    Campaign Logger Resources

    The cheatsheet (updated by @ELF - thank you!) https://www.cheatography.com/johnnfour/cheat-sheets/campaign-logger/ Subscription/Payment Management For monthly Subscribers https://johnn.thrivecart.com/updateinfo/ MeWe Group https://mewe.com/join/campaign_logger_rpg_gamesmaster_tool Campaign...
  14. JochenL

    How to Register

    1. Navigate to the forums (https://campaign-community.com) 2. Click Register and then Campaign ID 3. This will take you to our new SSO server (https://campaign-identity.com) - Enter your Campaign Logger Credentials (e-mail address and CL password) in the login form 4. You will be asked to...
  15. JohnnFour

    A quick demonstration of adding generator output to Log Entries

    A subscriber asked how to send generator output to a Log Entry. I shot a 56 second video on how to do this: https://cl.ly/010c3h2D092k