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user interface

  1. Y

    Generator UI Problems

    Hey, I have an issue. I went to this page and clicked log in: https://generator-ui.campaign-logger.com/generator-ui afterward I started to make a gen and before I can start pasting from the JSON collection it goes back to the same page listed above. I tried updating my computer thinking that...
  2. JohnnFour

    Preview: Campaign Logger vNext (beta access)

    Here's a video I made that shows some of the new stuff coming in vNext. I also made this video to show beta testers the current state to help you navigate around. I you choose to particpiate in the beta, the link is below and you can log into the beta using your normal Campaign Logger...
  3. ELF

    User interface ideas

    When examining this Kickstarter project for treasure item cards, it occurred to me that something resembling a card could be a useful user interface concept also for Campaign Logger, especially when the GM is showing or delivering information for the players. In practice this would not need to...
  4. Kathorus

    Suppress Uncategorized and Customize Generator side menu

    Is there a way to Suppress the Uncategorized category and/or remove the stock generators that are there? I suppose it's easy enough to ignore, but I'd like full customization over what is there. Would also be great to be able to order the categories in a custom fashion as well instead of just...
  5. JohnnFour

    Feature Request: Bulk add rows in new generator UI

    @mKlaumann @JochenL Can we make it as easy as copy & paste within the UI to populate individual tables? I build my data sets in Excel or plain text file. It would be ideal to create generators straight from there instead of building row by row in the UI, or switching to Code mode and adding...
  6. JochenL

    Generator UI Public Beta

    The new Generator UI is there! You can now maintain your generators in one place Use a nice code editor instead of that small edit field in CL itself Not a coder? Try the form-based editor! Write - Test - Run Read the announcement...