Suppress Uncategorized and Customize Generator side menu


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Is there a way to Suppress the Uncategorized category and/or remove the stock generators that are there? I suppose it's easy enough to ignore, but I'd like full customization over what is there.

Would also be great to be able to order the categories in a custom fashion as well instead of just alphabetical, is there a way?

In addition, is there any way to have the side menu populated with our own tables?

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Hi @Kathorus. Those are great requests.

@JochenL is redesigning the UI, and he can speak more to specific points.

But some of the things you are requesting will be part of the redesign.


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The new UI will provide you with a way to create custom pages where you can add and configure widgets for your campaigning needs. I like to think of it as an interactive GM screen.
I'll copy your post directly into the corresponding story so your points get reviewed during the process.