Feature Request: Bulk add rows in new generator UI


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@mKlaumann @JochenL Can we make it as easy as copy & paste within the UI to populate individual tables?

I build my data sets in Excel or plain text file.

It would be ideal to create generators straight from there instead of building row by row in the UI, or switching to Code mode and adding the extra YAML/JSON code wrapped around each line.


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This would be useful even for my oldskool ways. When working with large sets of data, I usually organize the data in a spreasheet, then copy it to a text editor where I run YAML conversion macros and then copy the table data to the actual generator file in another editor.

With this I could skip the text editor steps and move directly to testing. (y)


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In the mean-time, if you're in a spreadsheet you should be able to use concatenation to quickly wrap the lines with the needed characters.

For instance, let's say you have a small table you setup like this;


The formula, in Excel, is =CONCATENATE("{","""","m","""",": ", A2,", ","""","v","""",": ","""",B2,"""","},")

It's important to note, you have to be careful with all the quotes, but once you have the formula in you can save it. Then you just use the fill handle to quickly populate the rest of the cells. Then you can just copy the new values into the generator.