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Gamemastering articles


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Every now and then some random source features a generic article on gamemastering advice. Maybe they are worth collecting?

This week Kotaku ran just this kind of an article - with pointers to some great online sources for further reading (with some missing links)...
The idea of being a Dungeon Master in a tabletop RPG is, understandably, pretty daunting. A table full of people looking at you constantly, listening to your every word, stumbling clumsily through your well-crafted world with all the grace of an out-of-control semi-trailer? A nightmare by anybody’s standards. But don’t worry! You got this. We got this — together.

I’m going to tell you... The Three Golden Rules of DMing.

Not everyone subscribes to this "It's the GM's duty to entertain the players" school of thought, however.


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Agreed. I'm no longer in that camp.