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Giveaway: What's in their pockets?

Whether it's a rogue working a crowd, or a fallen NPC being searched for clues, sometimes you get put on the spot to come up with interesting pocket contents.

So let's brainstorm pocket contents for a typical fantasy setting. As a thank you for your help, I'm giving away some nifty prizes.

How to Enter the Giveaway
Post a reply below with three things you'd find in a person's or humanoid's pockets.

For example: stopwatch with portrait inside, small sharp knife, shopping list on parchment.

You need to Register here at Campaign-Community to be able to reply and enter. But Registration is free, secure, and you won't be spammed. You can Register with your Campaign Logger credentials, or just using your email address.

You can enter as many times as you like. You can put all your entries in one reply as a list, or come back later and make more replies.

There are three prizes up for grabs. I'll randomly draw three winners. First winner drawn takes their pick of prize. Second winner chooses from the remaining two prizes. Third winner gets the third prize.
  1. Demonplague PDF Package: The full level 1-20 adventure with all the bonus loot.
  2. A 3D printed dice tower: I had this specially printed for the giveaway. Check out the folding drawbridge!
  3. Dungeon map dice bag: I had this specially made for the giveaway by a local Edmonton lady. I purchased cool dungeon map fabric, and she made me a fantastic dice bag with inner lining and drawstring. You might find a dice or two inside when you open it. ;)
I'll close the giveaway on May 10, Mother's Day.

Enter the giveaway now by replying below. What are three things you'd find in the pockets of a fantasy person or creature?


I forgot to mention, after the giveaway ends, I'll gather up all the entries, edit and format them, and put them into a handy PDF for your GMing pleasure. :)
Three things:
1 - Stones specifically selected for 'Skipping' across a body of water.
2 - A lucky 'Stirges' foot keychain.
3 - Two headed coin.
Three things:
1 - A hole.
2 - A small brass whistle.
3 - A package of 'Chickle' with brand name "Kraken's Chewin Chicle" (My parents (in the early 70s) would only allow us to 'chew' Chickle (re: Brand name 'Chicklets') or flavored/sweetened Paraffin wax)
Three things:
1 - A partial set of false teeth (made of ivory - value 5gp)
2 - A 'Skeleton' key (magical - can be used to open any simple lock once, then disappears)
3 - A peach pit
--A worn sliver of bone with a hole drilled through one end. Some faint design--a rune? a picture?--is scratched on one side
--A globby, misshapen freshwater pearl
--A sling bullet with a faint discolored stain
Three things:
1 - A set of ivory dice (not rigged/biased value - 10sp)
2 - A harmonica made of wood, brass and silver. Has intricate design on top bottom of a fishing boat at sea and named 'Sperry-Sider' inscribed on top (perhaps it's the name of a ship? / value - 4gp)
3 - A slender metal tube w/screw-on cap. Contains 10 ivory tooth-picks (value - 10sp + 1sp per tooth-pick.
Three things:
1 - A small leather pouch containing aromatic tobacco. It smells of roses and clove. The tobacco is laced with a mild analgesic (possible side effect of smoking is the person who smokes a 'cigarette' pipe full is able to 'ignore' 1d6 points of damage. They still take the damage, but the amount ignored cannot contribute towards any 'unconsciousness' calculation. 6 doses/uses - Value 1sp per use.
2 - A metal smoker's pipe - Value 2sp
3 - A small wooden box containing 20 alchemically treated 'friction matches' - Value 10sp
Three things:
1 - A piece of scrimshaw. Carving of a sailor (on whale bone) and a mermaid making love. Value - 1gp
2 - A folding pocket knife. Value 1sp.
3 - A piece of unpolished whale bone. Value 1cp.
Three things:
1 - A small metal compass containing a needle floating in some sort of oil. Value 10sp
2 - A small metal box containing a variety of 10 different fish hooks. Value 10sp
3 - A spool of tough catgut (30') used as fishing line. Value 1sp
Three things:
1 - A rook chess piece made of white alabaster. It's got a bloody fingerprint on it that just won't come off. Value 1sp
2 - A large piece of stylus shaped charcoal wrapped in paper. Used to write on walls/rock. Value 1cp
3 - A scrap of paper with the word 'Annabelle' written on it (could this be a password or command word?)
How about...
1 - A dead mouse (in either a young boy or goblin's pocket)
2 - A torn scrap of paper that says "Happy Birthday Baby" (in either a soldier or doppelganger's pocket)
3 - A broken lyre string (in either a bard or a thief's pocket)
Three things:
1 - A glass prism (magical - when light is viewed through the prism it allows you to determine whether the object viewed (within normal visual range) is emitting heat. If an object is emitting heat, it is visible in hues of yellow orange and red. If it doesn't give off heat, it's visible in hues of blue, violet and black). It takes an action to use the prism, and it only works if there is a light source present which illuminates the objects viewed through the prism. Value 25gp
2 - A dog collar made of leather, with silver studs and a name tag that says 'Penny'. Value 1gp
3 - A two foot long braided hair tie. Woven with three different colored strips of leather: Red, brown and orange. Value 10sp.
  • Irridescent lint
  • A brightly colored skipping stone (it skips down the road when you aren't looking)
  • A small piece of folded paper that unfolds into a book, possibly a spell book but more likely a common boring treatise on extra-dimensional spaces.