Usage best practice/hack?

Just got signed up this morning and am excitedly digging into the app.

However, one thing that I know is on the roadmap is the ability to create a master or core entry for a tag. That’s the functionality I’m really wanting right now.

But, mostly, I just want to be able to find that core entry quickly.

The best idea I have right now is to give it a fake date that will always return it at the top of the list when you order that tag by date.

I tried with a prefix = the tag but that didn’t seem to surface the “core” page first.

Is using a date for ordering purposes the best way currently of getting your core tag log to appear prominently?
The date sorting method seems to work when search/filtering from all entries but not when I am looking at, say, the Gazeteer view. Clicking the sort by date box doesn’t seem to do anything in that view.

However, once in, say, Gazeteer view, if I search for my fake date string (e.g., 999), the core entry pops up to the top. So that’s an okay workaround for now unless someone else knows better.
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I have three approaches to this in the interim.

First is I use OneNote. I prefer CL for various reasons, but OneNote gives me that big character count.

Second is to create a Core.[TAG NAME] tag. eg @"Core.Johnn Four" I can easily search for and list Core tags this way. It creates a duplicate tag sort of - you'll have @"Johnn Four" and @"Core.Johnn Four" but really it's just one extra tag for each tag, if that makes sense. And by putting Core in front it does not mess up my autotagging.

Third is a table of contents Log Entry like this.