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  1. L

    Is there a way to link to tagged items with different names?

    For example, in my current Cyberpunk Campaign I have corporations that have multiple similar names in descriptions that I would like to link back to the tagged company description. A similar concept would be a character with nicknames. In my logs I refer to the thing by the nickname but would...
  2. V

    Creating Campaign Entries from within Campaign Logs

    If I'm making a Campaign Log and name a brand new character by typing "@name", shouldn't "@name" then automagically become a Campaign Entry? Seems weird that I should have to go to Entries and manually add that character if it already exists in a Log. See video: video
  3. Matt

    Tag dropdown confusion/error

    Hi! When I'm using a tag symbol in vNext the dropdown list shows multiple versions of the same entry with and without symbols, e.g. "Dr. Doom" and "Dr Doom" or "Double-barrelled" and "Double barrelled".
  4. MarkD

    Completion is adding unnecessary "quotes"

    Hi! Brand new user. I noticed that when I do a completion (say, @CharacterName) which has no spaces or anything funky with it, if I use completion, it comes through as @"CharacterName". Is there a way to suppress the quotes (short of typing the whole name or going back and editing them out)...
  5. S

    Newbie here, a few questions (PCs vs NPCs etc)

    Hi all Just subscribed to Campaign Logger and starting to build up a log for my new Offworlders campaign (well, a one-shot with ambitions). I've a few questions on use, would appreciate advice: should i be using the beta? Or get used to the release version first? I don't see a built-in way to...
  6. N

    Money vs quartermaster

    Hey guys, I'm just getting started with this program and so far I'm loving it and see huge potential! I'm having trouble seeing how to use money vs quartermaster tags. I know I can just change them, but I'm wondering how others are differentiating them and what value it adds to separate them...
  7. G

    History, Master, Plan (Feature)

    Categorize any type of entry by whether it is History, Master, Plan (Feature). Master data describes static information about the tags therein. Plan is something that could happen Plans can be exacted or discarded, and if enacted linked to a history entry (the default of what people did)
  8. danieljdavis

    Usage best practice/hack?

    Just got signed up this morning and am excitedly digging into the app. However, one thing that I know is on the roadmap is the ability to create a master or core entry for a tag. That’s the functionality I’m really wanting right now. But, mostly, I just want to be able to find that core...
  9. FluffyB

    Tracking Sessions

    ....edit: I found it. In the prefix for example =) sorry =) ---------------------- Hi! New member here and noob with Campaign Logger :geek: I tried searching first, promise! The pdf says that you can search in sessions, but I'm having trouble figuring out how to tag session27 (from example in...
  10. DM Mark

    Plots, Side Plots, Quests and tracking them in a sandbox environment.

    As I am plodding through my massive NPC's creation task it dawned on me I was going to be essentially creating ton's of quests like you would find in an MMORPG. Do you all think it would be better to make them separate entries and TAG them? Since they are included on three line npc would it...
  11. DM Mark

    Unique Link and Tag Problems - Procedural or Bug?

    Hi All This is my first post. I am not sure if this is an error in my procedure or a bug... When you make a tag referenced, it said on the RoleplayingTips site that it gives a unique link for the tag so if you want to directly link to is in another application you can... however i am not...