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What do you appreciate the most about your current (or most recent) group?


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When you are a hammer, the world is a nail.

Sometimes focusing on the positive lifts our head up and gets us appreciating the horizon where sky and sea turn the same colour.

So as a change from talking about problem players, what's something you are grateful for about your current or recent group?

Stephan Hornick

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Now my turn.
I love about my players:
  • They are dependable. They almost never cancel, and if we do, it is no problem. And they are punctual.
  • They dive deep into their characters and portray them with all their perks, insecurities, hopes and believes.
  • No meta gaming, hardly any outgame talk.
  • They play characters with personalities, not heroes, badasses, or cool guys.
  • They help me build the world with cool ideas from their side.
  • They might suggest reasons otherwise, but never question my decisions.
  • They forget words like "quest giver" during play. Every milk maid, every stable hand, every horse or tree even (in case of our druid) is a potential quest giver.
  • They know it is their characters' decision whether to follow a lead or not. They know there is a multitude of story hooks and they have the freedom to decide. They love that freedom.
  • They understand that it is a story that is not followed, but created by GM and Players alike. I like it when they easily brush aside my expected outcome and go their own way, naturally interacting with the world.
  • They do things. They seldomly hesitate and play into a direction of fun for all.
  • They can listen for long times to interactions between other players and NPCs / GM and not feel bored.
  • They pay attention to the other players and throw them limelight or naturally include them.
  • They give away loot, even major magical items, because "the color does not fit, and he/she might need it more" or "I want (this NPC) to have it instead".
  • They are fine with me devulging secrets gradually.
  • They actually don't seem to be that interested in accomplishment of a task, although they are eager to, but to live in the moment and carry out the process towards the accomplishment.
  • Major goal/hope/fear questions for their characters are returned to the game by them, not forcefully by the GM.
  • They gradually enrichen their backgrounds with stories about their past. We all love these PCs.
  • They help me as a GM, get in the right mood, go relaxed to a session, find quick answers to rules.
  • They are naturally the same "vibe" and I like them even out of the game.