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Wizard of Adventure

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Prepping The Demonplague

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Winter's coming - time to game!

I want to give The Demonplague a bit of limelight.

But I am torn between converting it to Pathfinder 1, Pathfinder 2, or Old School Essentials.

So, I decided to ask you what conversion you want to see and which play reports you want to read.


RPT Newsletter #1,176 | How To Start Every Session With A Bang!

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How To Start Every Session With A Bang!
From JohnnFour | Published October 18, 2021

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #1,176

I was excited to play but bored within minutes.
It became difficult to focus. I noticed other players starting to zone out too.
We were on Zoom, making it even harder.
Ideas and collaboration stopped.
It became GM => Player => Repeat. No flow between players. No flow between party and GM.
And the story disappeared. We were playing hit point countdowns.

Then the GM rallied.
Did an awesome job.
And everyone was back into it.

But I was watching, and could see how hard the GM worked to get the energy back.
Energy we began with but lost because of a slow start.
I believe it's more difficult creating positive energy than it is keeping it.

So we want to start...