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3 Line NPCs Thread

Alrik, Adventurer
: Simple clothing, dark unkempt hair, used cutlass, mostly innocent looking
Portrayal: Delusionally seeing himself as a great hero, always on the lookout for money, fame, and women
Hook: World-jumping rogue, always getting into the biggest mess possible, but somehow getting out of it (mostly) unscathed while letting others hang for his failures
The Raven, Fixer, black market merchant.
Their appearance changes with each encounter. Sometimes male or Female. Always in dark, common clothing that blends in with their surroundings.
Portrayal: Soft-spoken, quiet, but friendly. but always keeping their self-interest first.
Hook: The Raven is a shapeshifter (Changling in DND Terms). Keeps that concealed as their kind is often hunted to death.
Spix, Guido's imp
Small, warty red skin, barbed tail, small horns, and leathery wings (likes to change shape into a red hairy spider).
Portrayal: Mischievous with a mean streak. It likes to set dangerous traps as pranks.
Hook: Formerly a general demoted by an Archdevil for losing a key battle, Spix now seeks promotion into greater form and revenge. Spix also knows valuable secrets the Archdevil would kill to supress.

Image Source: D&D Beyond. https://www.dndbeyond.com/monsters/imp
Errook, Gnall Pack-Leader
Tall and strong, notched axe, bronze armband, big red "heavyweight champion" style belt, wolf pelt cloak.
Portrayal: Acute sense of danger which causes his hackles to rise, natural leader.
Hook: His brother killed their father, the King, and he's vowed to one day hold his brother's heart in his hand.

Image 2020-03-28 at 9.59.53 AM.png
NPC & Image Source: Tim Shorts Patreon https://www.patreon.com/posts/npc-25-errook-34340019
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Stefane, Knight Captain of the Hydra Guard, city of Ashguard
Always gleaming head to toe in plate armour.
Portrayal: Stern, unsmiling, and always a stickler for laws and rules.
Hook: Is a half-fiend, father's side, and hides it. Secretly worships Orcus.
Naholowee, Assistant Shaman, Mandahi Tribe
middling height, dark hair, blue eyes, loincloth, left side of body painted white, ritual scars, snake motifs, spear and kris dagger
Portrayal: carries a grudge like no-one else, fiercely patriotic, can see to the other side (spirit world)
Hook: mistakes player characters for molesters of tribe totem, most every attempt to correct this tends to break another tribal taboo with ever deepening consequences
Galt, Collossai Headtaker
Green, leather garb, green camouflage patterned cloak, thick beard hides a scarred face, a pair of large cleavers hang on his belt.
Portrayal: More at ease alone in the forest hunting goblins and giants than in the city, his words are few and movements economical.
Hook: He collects collossai heads for wrongs done to his family. Still loves his wife who left him after the children were murdered. He does not know he is 1/8 collassai.
Finsk, Dwarven Tuba Busker
Well groomed rotund dwarf with large beard that almost hits his soft matte black boots. A small leather tray is set before him, ready to capture coins tossed his way after exuberant performances of the most popular dwarven ballads.
Portrayal: When not blowing into his tuba, he's always got a warm smile and kind words for passersby.
Hook: A master spy, Finsk reports directly to the head of the Thieves' Guild on what he sees and hears. Often invited to noble parties, and a celebrity with merchants who enjoy the extra hop in their step bequeathed by the expert tube tunes, he gathers up a lot of juicy information. He also stows weapons and tools in his beard with easy-release string ties.
Crowbar, Homeless Rogue
Filthy clothes, grease- and dirt-smeared face. Slight build. Lopsided grin. Never without his threadbare backback.
Portrayal: A heart of gold but turned to desperate measures to survive. He's become cynical and bitter towards society. Speaks in a whisper.
Hook: Abused by foster parents and now living on the streets, he can break into almost anything, thus his street name. His last break-in really scared him. He saw something he shouldn't have, and now hides, fearful he's going to be hunted down and his throat cut to keep him quiet.
Halden, Introductionist
Well Dressed, High Born Mannerisms
Portrayal: Silver Tongued, Charmer, Easily convinces people to let their Guard Down
Hook: Always knows the right people to talk to, to gather information. There are a few cities that he cannot return to as he now has a mark on his head placed there by city leaders.
Umgumby Po, Man of Many Faces
He can assume many identities in short order, but most often pretends to be an old, doddering man in robes, grey beard, without shoes.
Portrayal: Very observant, always studying those whom he meets, often pretends to be slow-witted.
Hook: A former thieves' guild master, now on the run for stealing the guild's most prized possesion, all in the name of love.
Duotham Balan, Loremaster
: Salt and pepper hair, neatly trimmed grey beard, ceremonial attire, smells of pine and incense.
Portrayal: Judgemental, scholarly, talks much about demons, always gets the last word in.
Hook: Has never met a demon though the creatures are his life-long study, and plans to bring an imp into the world via a ritual. Alas, the imp is a powerful demon posing as a weak one to fool Duotham into summoning it.
Lia Gio, Vivimancer
Appearance: A female with very short brown hair, simple tunic and leggings, hardy boots and a lab coat.
Portrayal: Intelligent, studious, more interested in theory and learning than adventuring, only adventures to search for parts of magical creatures and Vivimantic Spell Lore.

Hook: Has been studying the creation of lifeforms since she found a hidden cache as a child. Has been forced out of her former home by disgruntled family who found the creation of life to be abhorrent. In truth she has only created companions that she may talk to.
Rathan, Demon in disguise (or could be possessed) cult leader
: Dark hair, tanned skin, Dressed in savage shaman type gear and sporting a full wooden mask with glowing red eyes.
Portrayal: He is sharp and angry, speaking little beyond shouts about intruders and interlopers.
Hook: He leads the tribe of the red fingered warrior savages and controls their protection of a demon gate. He is working to open it from the human side but has not found a way yet.
Immarel Duskhollow, Wizard of the Elven Woods
Appearance: Platinum white shoulder length hair, cracked alabaster skin, delicate tribal face tattoos, and a worn travelling cloak; encountered whilst stargazing on a warm summer night.
Portrayal: Intensely calm necromantic diviner, completely at ease with the nature of his fate.
Hook: Duty-bound to preserve the boundaries and balance between life and death in the forest.
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Count Mykol
Overly obese, few fatty strands of blackish hair, barely mobile, greasy skin and heavy breathing
Portrayal: Extremely manipulative, does not fear threats and forces people to follow his slow speed of thought and speech
Hook: Leader of a cult of brain-washed servants that tend to his needs and support his criminal/occult/cannibalistic underground organisation
Cord, Corner Lieutenant
: Light armour beneath black clothes, weapons brazenly worn. Scowling face keeps strangers away.
Portrayal: An up-and-comer in the gang who trusts no-one and gets what he wants with terse commands and beatings.
Hook: A spy for [1d6: 1. Law Enforcement, 2. Rival Gang, 3. Inquisitors, 4. His Gang Leader, 5. Region Leader, 6. The Villain.
Edoardo, the narcoleptic janitor
Skinny and sickly looking boy. The bags under the eyes suggest his illness.
Portrayal: Performs simple cleaning duties but has sudden sleeps attacks, producing terrible accidents, distracting patrons.
Hook: Frequently in danger, puts himself and other in jeopardy. His life is miserable, and could use a cure. Might sometimes be used as a distraction. Might receive cryptic messages in his dreams.