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Question of the Week: What's the coolest world feature you've seen or created?

Name something memorable from a setting your played or GM'd.

For example, the default setting in Blades of the Dark is the soot & swords city of Duskvol.

One cool unique feature about it is the dozens of micro thieves' guilds it has. These are called Crews. Crews have a reputation (based on capability) and heat (how wanted they are by authorities). Crews also get unique Boons.

This world feature makes for awesome faction play.
The coolest world feature I remember was in one of my wife's campaign worlds. The landscape was riddled with ancient ruins, all adventures in themselves, but most memorable were shining columns that transported characters into parallel worlds. Sadly we did not get to investigate those more deeply.
I have a forest known for it's massive carpets of encroaching moss. Seems innocent at first, but if your characters enjoy a long rest there, you'll awaken when the moss has slowly grown over you and rooted into your armor or skin. Tribal races living high in the trees are fairly common and will take advantage of the less prepared wanderers.
Spontaneously coming to mind was a country named Motaru, consisting mostly of desert, where the people believed in a sort of inverted Ancient Egyptian death cult: A soul could only enter the afterlife when every bit of the corpse's flesh was gone. They collected their dead on a flat tower roof and once a week flooded the roof with oil and set it on fire.
The worst punishment in Motaru was the death penalty, followed by mummification of the body, forever trapping your spirit.
And there was an order of people who had made it their task to search the desert for the bodies of travelers who had died and were mummified by the environment, so as to destroy the bodies and free the souls of their unlucky owners.
Oh, and there was a small tribe of desert dwellers who lived in a gigantic turtle shell. It has nothing to do with the death cult, but I think my players actually liked this one the most of all things they encountered in Motaru.
Played in Lanhkmar - which to me, was one of the first fantasy settings that I read as a teen. We played in a city-based campaign for over 2 years and my players loved the place. Heck, even though they were all money-grubbing 'anti-heroes' they saved the city multiple times.
Best part of a city or town campaign is the connections that the players make with the locals. I really like some tools I've found to make everyone that they encounter more 3 dimensional - and I keep track of who they meet and what they said or did with that person. The players did as well and used their connections quiet often.
Savage Worlds has an Edge "Connections" which some players took when they advanced - with the Edge I had their connection give them more information, quests, and help. It really paid off as it also gave me hooks to drag them into things. Now that same group is playing in 1892 London - and guess what? They are making 'connections' as fast as they can.
Leiber's books are were in my top 10 too. Fantastic adventures. The underground city story is my favourite, I think.

Would you be interested in sharing the tools you use? Would love to check them out.
My adventurers stumbled across a “Mr Li’s 3-Legged Chicken Farm”. The chickens were guarded by cockatrices. It was totally out of place in the setting but a complete hoot. (3-legged chickens save a lot of arguments around the dinner table.)