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Giveaway: What's in their pockets?

Whether it's a rogue working a crowd, or a fallen NPC being searched for clues, sometimes you get put on the spot to come up with interesting pocket contents.

So let's brainstorm pocket contents for a typical fantasy setting. As a thank you for your help, I'm giving away some nifty prizes.

How to Enter the Giveaway
Post a reply below with three things you'd find in a person's or humanoid's pockets.

For example: stopwatch with portrait inside, small sharp knife, shopping list on parchment.

You need to Register here at Campaign-Community to be able to reply and enter. But Registration is free, secure, and you won't be spammed. You can Register with your Campaign Logger credentials, or just using your email address.

You can enter as many times as you like. You can put all your entries in one reply as a list, or come back later and make more replies.

There are three prizes up for grabs. I'll randomly draw three winners. First winner drawn takes their pick of prize. Second winner chooses from the remaining two prizes. Third winner gets the third prize.
  1. Demonplague PDF Package: The full level 1-20 adventure with all the bonus loot.
  2. A 3D printed dice tower: I had this specially printed for the giveaway. Check out the folding drawbridge!
  3. Dungeon map dice bag: I had this specially made for the giveaway by a local Edmonton lady. I purchased cool dungeon map fabric, and she made me a fantastic dice bag with inner lining and drawstring. You might find a dice or two inside when you open it. ;)
I'll close the giveaway on May 10, Mother's Day.

Enter the giveaway now by replying below. What are three things you'd find in the pockets of a fantasy person or creature?


Things of Three:

1. A small ellipse shaped tablet. (tic tacs)
2. A light flimsy and very flammable stack of carefully folded papers (kleenex)
3. A brightly colored sealed bag filled with beans that are different colors but have the same, sweet taste. (M&Ms or Smarties)

Describing common things allows young or inexperienced roleplayers to have fun playing 'dumb'.
Three things:

If there are more 'pockets' than one, sometimes it's cool to have two parts of one thing, useless apart, and have them become meaningful through roleplay discovery.

1. Yoyo, string elsewhere
2. Matches, striker elsewhere
3. Flashlight, batteries
Three items which may be found in the pocket of a non-specified character or NPC...? Hmmm

1. Small glass marble (could be magical, could be mundane, could simply be 'pretty'...).
2. Piece of wax, perhaps with some sort of mark or design hinted at along one edge. Perhaps part of a wax seal...?
3. The tooth, or possibly claw/talon of a small to medium-sized predatory animal. It is not a recent extraction...

(Waking up late on my birthday, and haven't had coffee yet, so I may rethink this later... lol Best of luck to everyone!)
Post a reply below with three things you'd find in a person's or humanoid's pockets.

Three serious things
1. A note that says something vague "Go to the tavern by the docks and look for a man with a red feather in his hat, he will give you directions."
2. A small knife etched with "Property of Hairless Yandro"
3. A tear from a bright red cloak with unique gold etching performed by a master embroider. (but how many are in this town)

Three silly things
A. The dried teeth and part of the jaw of a kobold, one of the teeth is made of gold (weight of 1 gp)
B. A sealed letter that says on the outside "Do not open"
C. 5 dried beans
Three things, so ....

  1. A medallion, when opened, contain a small paper with the name of one of the player character
  2. A small rond hand miror, that doesn't reflect your face
  3. A small pyramidal shape, with sign on it. (a kind of D4)
1. A taxidermied field mouse
2. A coin with one side gold and the other side copper
3. A small pouch filled with a rainbow of colored stones
Three things:

1. A Gnomish Monocle, with 3x magnification
2. A small piece of parchment with plans for a clockwork automaton and notes scribbled around the margins for possible improvements
3. An empty vial with a pair of tweezers on the inside of the stopper.
Well, it really depends on which character's pockets we're going through, doesn't it?

  • a glass phial containing an unnatural-looking spider, loaded with eggs on its thorax. it is of course alive.
  • a squarish lump of what appears to be gum rubber. when tested, it erases not just the words on a page but the whole book--whatever it erases not only vanishes completely, but so does all recollection of its existence.
  • a copy of the New Wizard Times' Sunday crossword, partially filled-in. Notoriously difficult, solving it completely unlocks a startling surprise...

  • Jar of weight gain powder. If consumed, the character will notice a gradual increase in muscle mass over the course of a (day? month?), resulting in a +1 to STR (temp or perm?). Note--it tastes bloody awful.
  • an unassuming ball of thin twine (25 yards) that has extraordinary strength--can bind extremely strong creatures easily, or support the entire party climbing down a well, for example. You notice the fallen warrior's armor appears to be stitched with this same thread.
  • a small figurine that looks strangely similar to the person who finds it...at night, or at otherwise inconvenient times, the figurine comes to life and begins to whisper (or shout) moral dilemmas the character currently faces, or will soon face...and the player can't seem to get rid of it or destroy it.

  • a "wanted" flyer distributed by the local authorities. It either shows the name and likeness of the PC that finds it, or it is the fallen rogue and the description of known accomplices includes the PC.
  • Undergarments bearing the monogrammed initials of the PC party's nemesis or Prince/ss of the Land
  • An unmarked keyring with several keys; one will surely open the MacGuffin they need to solve the mystery, won't it?

  • Lump of animal fat used for oiling those pesky joints, and some fine wire for effecting field repairs to lost bones. Components may or may not be magical.
  • A sheep's bladder balloon labeled "The Breath of the Living". Undead characters may use it to briefly inhale once per day, and feel like what it once was to be among the living. It is a treasured and exceedingly rare object.
  • Phial of spores, which when released, immediately create a large mycelial network that has the magical properties of... (e.g., wall of thorny mushrooms, communication net 100m' underground, or the like).
3 things

a slightly crumpled paper bird
the collar of his long gone childhood pet dog
a scrap of parchment with a secret encoded message on it