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Giveaway: What's in their pockets?

Whether it's a rogue working a crowd, or a fallen NPC being searched for clues, sometimes you get put on the spot to come up with interesting pocket contents.

So let's brainstorm pocket contents for a typical fantasy setting. As a thank you for your help, I'm giving away some nifty prizes.

How to Enter the Giveaway
Post a reply below with three things you'd find in a person's or humanoid's pockets.

For example: stopwatch with portrait inside, small sharp knife, shopping list on parchment.

You need to Register here at Campaign-Community to be able to reply and enter. But Registration is free, secure, and you won't be spammed. You can Register with your Campaign Logger credentials, or just using your email address.

You can enter as many times as you like. You can put all your entries in one reply as a list, or come back later and make more replies.

There are three prizes up for grabs. I'll randomly draw three winners. First winner drawn takes their pick of prize. Second winner chooses from the remaining two prizes. Third winner gets the third prize.
  1. Demonplague PDF Package: The full level 1-20 adventure with all the bonus loot.
  2. A 3D printed dice tower: I had this specially printed for the giveaway. Check out the folding drawbridge!
  3. Dungeon map dice bag: I had this specially made for the giveaway by a local Edmonton lady. I purchased cool dungeon map fabric, and she made me a fantastic dice bag with inner lining and drawstring. You might find a dice or two inside when you open it. ;)
I'll close the giveaway on May 10, Mother's Day.

Enter the giveaway now by replying below. What are three things you'd find in the pockets of a fantasy person or creature?


A debt marker that can be used as a form of currency, but who is the marker for and what debt are you having them repay?

a small bottle about the diameter of a broom stick that looks empty, but if a player holds it to their nose and inhales it is the breath of an air elemental and will give them 1 extra round of fresh air maybe while holding their breath etc

a small locket with a hand painted picture of someone or some creature inside of it and every time you look at it the facial expression changes after owning it for a month you notice the image is communicating with sign language or maybe thieved cant. But what are they telling you?
1 - A letter from a loved one (mother, father, child, lover, concerned friend) begging for that particular person to change their ways for fear that they are on a collision course for disaster and attached is a single, high value currency coin, in a feeble attempt at mustering whatever material wealth that concerned party was able to sell off in an attempt to free their ill-fated friend from their demise at the hands of the PCs.

2 - A small hand drawn picture that is very obviously from the hands of a child of the creature the party has just slain. A simple translation of the poorly scribbled writing on the letter (in the event you don't want the letter in mere common tongue) reads, "Hero." [Just because they're a bad guy/gal now or a monster terrorizing the current area, doesn't mean they didn't have a life prior to meeting the PCs]

3 - The script of everything the PCs have just done leading up to this point. A good introduction for a mastermind villain.
1. A note with 3 peoples names and numbers next to each one.
2. A bent copper coin with a hole in it.
3. A broken watch with the inscription "Throttler".

1. A cloth handkerchief. Not sure if those are supposed to be a colourful pattern or just colourful snot stains...
2. A drawing by a child, made with charcoal on a piece of parchment
3. A copper coin, which turns out to be from an old and long gone dynasty, and actually worth a bit more than just one copper.

1. A set of playing dice, but with strange symbols instead of dots. (They belong to a local game which is fashioned after a local saga, and, unbeknownst to the people, encode an actual secret)
2. An animals' chew toy
3. A medicinal plant


1. A shopping list
2. A small bag of tobacco
3. An obviously magical talisman, which, when studied by an actual mage, quickly turns out to be a non-magical fake.

1. Prayer beads
2. A delicate coloured figurine of a fairy. Its features look lovely, and very realistic. Almost too realistic...
3. A strange mushroom


1. A small flask of perfume
2. A magnifying glass
3. A poststamp-sized book (They are all the rage amongst nobility right now.)

1. A token to reclaim clothes from a wash house
2. A small bag with dried tea leaves
3. A good luck charm which, according to its inscription, is supposed to protect the owner from pickpockets. When the PCs are done laughing they may later realize the thing has left a magical tag on them which enables the noble's hired magician to find the audacious thieves, even if they got rid of the charm.


1. Reading glasses in a leather case
2. A list of numbers and letters. It looks like an encoded message, but it's actually the positions of books in the city's library.
3. A curious stone(?) that (magically?) attracts things made of iron. (It's just a natural magnet.)


1. A pair of pliers
2. A piece of charcoal
3. A piece of a strange metal. It is very heavy for its size, and after carrying it around for some time the body will feel warm next to the piece. (It's a piece of Uranium.)


1. Bread crumbs
2. A scroll of parchment with exchange rates for different countries.
3. A bag with small different coloured stones and several lines drawn on its inside (It's used for mathematical calculations.)

1. String
2. A blackmailing letter from one merchant to another. Not sure whether the person who had it was the sender or the receiver.
3. A bag with small different coloured stones and several lines drawn on its inside (It's a game of Nine men's morris.)


1. A fairy caught in a bottle
2. A grappling hook
3. A small key
(OK, this one was meant as a joke, but it actually looks halfway reasonable)

Just because:

1. A small rock
2. A piece of paper
3. A pair of scissors
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1. empty, but far-away-region-specific bottle(s)
2. Corck(s) that fit's the bottle(s) (or not)
3. False labels for mentioned bottle(s)
1. Parts of a broken knife wrapped in old cloth
2. Paper with address scribbled
3. Piece of book / newspaper, passage on heroic knife / murder
1. Roughly drawn picture of a woman
2. 10 silver
3. A note. "Meet at The Golden Ale between midnight at 1 and bring the stuff, or he's dead."
1. 1/3 Piece of outlandish weapon
2. Map with 3 X
3. 3 Small bottles with magic/rare fluid/... or empty to be filled with blood found on 3 X's
Also interesting is not to use the pockets, but clothes they are wearing:
1. Pungent smell of certain herbs in shirt
2. Vest with huge amount of pockets, all but one empty
3. Pants with way too big amount of coin sewn in secret compartment
Some humanoids are true collectors (and some collections might prove useful in the future, or not).
These collections can urge PC's to think ahead (if provided with enough knowledge or past experiences) or get them inquisitive:

* Bird's feathers in several colours, including 1 magical if checked for
* Rocks, just plain rocks (=> might come in handy in next battle with slingshot if taken along)
* Nails, lots of new and rusty nails (=> helping NPC building boat)
* Sugar cubes (=> Horses? Baking?)
* Candy wrappings, lot's of them (=> used to confuse low IQ enemies?)
* Pieces of breaded hair of all species/colours (=> creepy, especially if more than one character is collecting these...)
* Empty bottles of all kinds, some even broken, but all labeled (=> reference material for unknown/unlabeled bottles/potions)
* Scraps of wood and twigs, all sorts and shapes (=> ingredient for rituals?)
* Single socks/sandals (=> Terrible smoke if burned!)
* Pieces of paper with a single rune or random line on
* Scribbles of love letters or poems and songs, some providing true insight, some misguiding