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Adding Players

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  • Adding Players to Your Campaigns
    Hello wonderful Wizard of Adventure!

    You can add up to 25 players to each Campaign in Campaign Logger.

    See the screenshot at the very end for a visual overview..

    Your players will all need free accounts. They can register for the free tier at campaign-logger.com and they'll only need to supply name and email, no credit cards or anything of that sort.

    The system doesn't email your players. Please invite them yourself. We are purposefully not adding email to CL because that involves a whole other tech stack for functions and deliverability and support.

    Once your players have created a free account, they should wait one hour for the Giant Steaming Machine to sync.

    Then, when they login next, they'll see your campaign from within Campaign Logger in the Campaigns area.

    What Can Players See & Access?
    They'll see everything with text in the PUBLIC PART in Pages. They'll also see any Log Entries you've chosen to share. Player/public sections are red because it's a warning to you the content can be seen by others.

    They will not see anything in the PRIVATE PART of Pages. You don't need to do anything special there. Players simply won't see any content you put in those sections.

    Screenshot of how to read the red and green Page content icons:

    When you make Pages that have GM-only content, do the names of the Pages show up for players in the overview?

    Players only see Page names when Pages have Public content.

    Only Pages with the little red dot filled in will have their names visible to players.

    Player Management Screenshot

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