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Why Switch to Campaign Logger vNext?

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  • Allo awesome game master!

    You might be wondering, "Why should I switch switch from Campaign Logger Legacy version to the new Campaign Logger vNext version?" Great question.

    Or, perhaps you tried the old Campaign Logger and are curious what's new in the vNext version. (You can get an unlimited-time free trial here.)

    Here's a quick list of new and improved features:

    New & Improved Features

    => In addition to quick Log Entries, you can now create Pages. Every Tag gets into own Page. The character limit of Pages is a whopping 250,000 characters, or about 50,000 words - a short book! And you get unlimited Pages.

    Public & Private Page Sections => Pages have two sections. The Public section can be seen by others when you share. The Private section is for your eyes only to keep your secrets safe.

    Quick Page Creation => Autotagging means you link Pages and connect Log Entries as you type, as per the original Campaign Logger version. With a single click you can create a Page for a Tag.

    Page Status Indicators => The Pages interface lets you quickly scan to see which Pages are empty and which have data in their Public parts. Sorry, that sounded rude. One use for this is to see an instant list Lego pieces that still need some prep.

    Add Players => You can add up to 25 players to a Campaign. Players can see the Public parts of your Pages in their own (free tier or paid) Campaign Logger account. Coming in the future will be the ability for Players to add, edit, and contribute to your Campaigns as you desire.

    Picture-in-Picture => Hover over any Page link and a mini-window pops up with that Page's content. This drastically cuts down on tab switching and clicking around to reference additional campaign details. For example create a Page for a new monster, then hover over any link to that monster to see its stats while you're plotting or GMing.

    Diagrams => Using Mermaid syntax, you can create and style a variety of cool diagrams to help visualize factions, adventure plots and flows, family trees, puzzles, and anything else you want.

    Labels => Think of these like folders or groups. You can add up to 10 labels per Page and then click on a Label in the Labels area to see all Pages with that Label. Use this to note NPCs that are dead, or game system, and other meta data that helps you organize your Pages according to how your brain works.

    Built-In 5 Room Dungeon Template => A canvas-style way to quickly create 5 Room Dungeons. Watch the demo.

    Campaign and Log Cards => A more visual way of organizing your campaigns and logs. Add cover graphics, add descriptions, and view as grid or list.

    Paste & Upload Images => Drag and drop images into your Pages and Log Entries. Or paste them for your clipboard.

    Image Gallery => Images you paste in or upload get added to a private gallery you can draw from. And you get 10 gigabytes of image and file storage.

    Attach Files => You can also upload files to attach to your Pages and Log Entries, not just images.

    Autosave => Every character gets saved as you type it. No longer fear lost connections or power outages.

    Custom Generators => Create unlimited generators and add them to your Campaign Logger sidebar for one-click triggers.

    More Tags + Configurable => We expanded the tag count from 6 to 10, and you can edit the name of any tag for each of your campaigns separately.

    URLs for Pages & Entries => CL is now fully compatible with modern browsers. Every Page and Log Entry gets its own URL you can paste and use wherever you like. This also means you can use your favorite browser tag management add-ons and other add-ons to enhance your logging.

    Dice Roller => Additional dice roll types and combos are now possible in the roller to support more RPG systems.

    Sync Changes => When using Campaign Logger across multiple devices or browser tabs, your changes always get sent to the server and synched. But there can be lags for various reasons, or even corrupted data downloads from connection issues. You now get notified when your data needs a refresh, and you can trigger a data update or cache clear and reload at will.

    Share Generators => You can export generators you've built or customized with other Campaign Logger users and vice versa.

    PDF Export => Create attractive PDFs from Pages your choose. Make player guides, world guides, adventures, monster manuals, and whatever else you need. Perfect for viewing your curated campaign information on other devices.

    Markdown Support => A simple and lightweight way to enhance your content. A visual editor is coming soon so you can click to make words bold, etc.

    Enhanced Search => Search/Filter lets you find information quickly. Search by meta data (Tag) or text. There's an exclude operator to fine-tune searches. Save searches for easy future refreshes.

    Copy & Paste Formatted Text => Copy formatted text into your Log Entries and Pages. Just copy text from the web or document and paste.

    Improved Streams => When you share campaign data you select with the public, the resulting "stream" page adds tags and filters and an RSS feed.

    Drag & Drop Entry Order => When viewing lists of Log Entries, you can manually re-order them for prioritized reference.