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Sharing Log Entries

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  • Sharing Log Entries

    Watch the video!

    Sharing Log Entries is easy!

    Every log entry has symbols in the upper right corner:
    Click on the arrow icon between the link icon and the trash icon.

    When the entry is now publically available, the icon changes to orange and is struck through:
    Clicking it again will unshare that entry.

    Accessing Shared Entries

    To access all shared entries, click on the feed icon at the top of the log (the right-most one):

    This click will take you to a page whose URL you can share with your players, e.g., https://logger-stream.campaign-logger.com/?rss=9d04bc90ab7d4c0a85f51d063cb83f61&mode=next

    Consuming the RSS Feed

    On this new page, there is an RSS button:
    Clicking it will open the raw RSS feed.

    You can use its URL for consumption by any application you like, e.g., embedding on your WordPress site or forum.
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