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Rescuing Unsaved Changes

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  • Rescuing Unsaved Changes in Campaign Logger
    Did you know when editing a Page or Log and for some reason you leave with unsaved changes, Campaign Logger can recover them for you?

    For example, I just clicked a link by accident and my browser tab left Campaign Logger before I got a chance to click the Log This. When I hit the back button and refreshed, CL let me view the edits I made and save them. No lost work!

    Here's what the Unsaved Changed button looks like in the Page screen:

    Here's what the Unsaved Changed button looks like in the Log Entry screen:

    When you click the Unsaved Changes alert button, you'll get this message:

    Click Close to dismiss the warning.

    Then click your edit button:

    You will see your unsaved changes. Then either click the Log This button to officially save your edits, or click Cancel to destroy your unsaved changes.
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