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Preview: Campaign Logger vNext (beta access)

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Here's a video I made that shows some of the new stuff coming in vNext.

I also made this video to show beta testers the current state to help you navigate around.

I you choose to particpiate in the beta, the link is below and you can log into the beta using your normal Campaign Logger credentials.

We are looking for feedback. Please post your feedback in the thread below. Thanks!

Here's how to access the beta:

Some corrections and additional notes:
  • Install App: Offline work is prepared, but not live at the moment. Currently, you just install it to start it directly from your app menu instead of browsing to the web site.
  • The Refresh button is not updating the app but just reloading data from the server - in case you have old data still in your local cache. This will be removed in the future and be an automated background task associated with the above offline feature.
  • Download/Upload: Campaign Entries are currently not included yet but will be in the future
  • Images: there will be an upload function in the future
  • Character Limits: Log Entry 2,500; Campaign Entry: 250,000
Use the New Generator Service
There's a slick new tool for building your custom generators.

Use it as a standalone tool, or to feed dynamic generators into your Campaign Logger vNext account.

Details here: https://campaign-community.com/index.php?threads/preview-generator-service-beta.682/
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Not open for further replies.
Not open for further replies.